2020 New Design Thigh Shaper Better Protect Your Waist

Nov 12, 2020

 A thigh shaper is a type of body shaper purposely designed to adjusts your waist and other target areas like the thigh, hips, and bust. One of the main advantages of wearing a thigh shaper is getting a feminine silhouette. With the right type of thigh shapers, preferably from HexinFashion, you can achieve the perfect hourglass figure.

In case you are looking for a shapewear to wear during any big event or as everyday wear, try this thigh and waist trainers from HexinFashion. This shapewear helps trim your thighs and waist and prevent complications as a result of chaffing.

Mt. Ngungun

Aug 20, 2020

I am not a fan of hiking and I never tried it before when I was in the Philippines. This is my very first hiking experience, i was grabbed by my sister. At first, I was really hesitant because i do not want to wake up early (to watch the sunrise). The day before the hike, i came from afternoon duty and i arrived at home around 11, and fall asleep around 2am!! I wonder if i could make it.. But there is a part of me that i want to experience it. 
How to Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair without Hair Curler

How to Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair without Hair Curler

May 7, 2020

Curls will always be perfect on all hair types and virgin extensions. Curling irons, hair dryers along with other types of electrical curlers may appear to complete the special moment for some time, and provide you with perfect curls, but as time passes it might damage hair, thus which makes them look dull, frizzy and rough. The good thing is that the flawlessly full curls is possible easily without using hair Curler or any other costly and dangerous equipment what is actually important? It's extra cheap. Here are 3 ways to twist your virgin Malaysian hair extensions without hair curler.
Ways for Apply Lace Front Wig Yourself

Ways for Apply Lace Front Wig Yourself

At first, hair wig is designed for people who have loss lacks for some reasons. Now,hair wig is available for any lady who wants to update her look or give her own damaged hair a break from dying and over-processing.And there are different wigs that the price range from very expensive to affordable.Wigs are easily found online if you need to buy.

Christmas in Australia

Dec 31, 2019

it's been four months since i arrived here as a student visa, the transition is not easy, being hours of airplane ride away from family is really sad. This is first Christmas being away from them.

GT Cosmetics Color Wand Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review

Dec 22, 2019

GT cosmetics is a Philippine local brand that is commonly known for their natural skin care products. Last January 2019 they released a new product which is their first Matte Liquid Lipsticks which is also known as their 'For Every Hue Collection'. I was lucky to win their giveaway with a complete set of it!!! It's been a month since the last time I post a review (i really miss doing it!) 

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