Girly on Christmas day!

How's you Christmas Celebration?? :) Our tradition every Christmas is to go on my grandmother's house before lunch and mano (a sign of respect-but i'll always do this even not Christmas) to my aunties, uncles and to my grandmother. We eat our lunch there and bond with my cousins. Anyone who can see me says that im girly in that dress and some is teasing me cause im the only one who dress up. (didn't mind them and just brought the confidence with me) haul

My first time to post  haul, i want to do this more often meaning shopping more!! Ahh. I love shopping, one of my stress reliever :) Hers's my Dresslink haul for the month of december.

My Zanea Shoes' December favorite

Few more days until christmas!! But im more excited to do a Christmas shopping. <3 Girls love shopping. right? especially shoe shopping! Here's what on my list on my shoe shopping from Zanea.

Love their new animal print from december collection.


 photo TGT-banner2_zps02614acd.png

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The Giveaway Team Grand Kickoff

Are you ready for 2014? But did you already take a list of what are you going to thank for? Hmm.. me? Im thankful for everything.. especially for my readers and to all my sponsors who still trusting me and my blog. As a return for our readers in behalf of The Giveaway Team, we'll going to have a giveaway.. Details are below.

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TGT Grand Kick Off will run from December 15 - Jan 15, 2014. There will be 4 winners; One with most referred people will win $50 ROMWE Gift Cert. Should there be no one who referred anybody, $50 ROMWE Gift Cert will be rewarded to one who completed ALL tasks. Want to know the prizes? Click read more. :) :)

What makes me happy

  1. Having 8hrs and more sleep.
  2. Anything sweets with chocolate flavor.
  3. Ice cream
  4. Shopping!! :)
  5. Traveling out of town with family (i miss this)
  6. Cuddle weather
  7. Receiving package.
  8. Having a good grades :D
  9. Fooooods..
  10. trying new things..

3 ways how i carry my bag

1. Like a handbag; carrying like this in the morning cause im not tired yet.
2. Carrying this after an hours - when im tired of like a handbag carry.
3. and after a long tiring day, i ended up carrying my bag like this.
Top: Sheinside | Jeans: Crissa | Bag: Lovelyshoes | Shoes: Zanea

DIY: Denim Jacket into vest

Turn your old denim jacket into vest!! Or even your parent's denim jacket :) .. while browsing my instagram, one of the people i follow post a diy about this.. and i remember my old denim jacket, this is my grade school jacket. Yes. But still fits on me, cause my dad bought it on XXL. =))) 
So easy to do! You'll just need a scissor and the denim jacket (ofcourse). read more to know how to do this.

Hugs && Kisses

Top: Bizaare | Short: Jag | Eyewear:  KikayForeverPH | Sandals: Barowed

Sneaker with Studs

A weeks ago, i received this Korean fashion stud high top canvas sneaker from you can see on my outfit posts that im always wearing closed shoes cause one of my insecurities is my feet (its like i have edema) and the only solution for it is to wear closed shoes right? Or a huge sandals? maybe.

Revlon Colorburst // Lipgloss

I'm going review this Lipgloss from Revlon (008 peony pivoine) that my friend gave to me as a birthday gift :)

Pink Overload

Top: Aeropostle | Watch: Tomato | Jeans: Divisoria | Shoes: Zanea

My outfit last all Saint's day is so girly in terms of color. Hehe, do it looks O.A on pink? But i guess not, because the color is not same scheme. As i said before i love wearing shoes with the same color on my top-- so i wore my flats from my favorite brand Zanea! I brought my sunnies from KikayForeverPH and colored my nails using Caronia..

It's a girly thing

Most of Girls like me collects bag! I think i have more than 15bags, i just love changing my bag and partnering it on my outfit even i don't usually take outfit with bags. hehe .Last week i received this lovely convenient bag from ,I had a hard time on choosing bags on their shop cause a lot of bags that i really want, but i need to choose what i really need and it took me to ask my mom's opinion. :) :) I love my choices because it has a changeable straps/way to bring it-- shoulder bag, hand bag and body bag. Click read more below to see the whole look of my choices.

Typhoon Santi

Typhoon Santi left this on our backyard-- its traumatic, the wind is so strong together with the rain, i was awake and praying that it would stop on the time Santi attacked... its takes almost 2hours :( .. But thank God that after a month we're now recovered but the other still recovering, Santi left so much mess in our province and brings problems but we're thankful that we are safe. I can't imagine what more on Yolanda which said that really strong, i prayed for the safety for the people who was living around Visayas. I know the feelings and fear. Let's Pray for the Philippines! #StayStrongPH

A rush moment

Top: Bizaare | Watch: Tomato | Jeans: Crissa | Shoes: Zanea

One Sunday morning, I woke up on the darkness place which is my room because we don't have electricity for almost a month-- the reason why im not updating.. We're in a rush to be able to catch up the 1st mass, this what happened; a simple but comfy outfit and since its so dark in my room i wore what i saw first and did not apply any make-up. But what's new? I always wear jeans, tee shirt and flats-- a typical girl and only wears dress and bongga outfit when there's occasions or needed =))). #fact .. eep! Im trying to upgrade my fashion style, really need a shopping (but doesn't have a time) Uhm, How about you? What is your rush moment so far?

October & November Zanea Shoes Collections

Zanea Shoes new campaign Ads with no other than Prisesa ng buhay ko actress-- Kris Bernal. I'd missed to post the October Collection of Zanea... I decided to post it together with their November collection cause October collection shouldn't be missed! Click read more below :) :)

Taller than you think

Top: Crissa | Skirt: Bazaar | Shoes: Zanea

Our Block conducted a seminar regarding Civil Registration, our professor required us to wear corporate attire even we're just going to listen =)) .So here what i wore during the seminar and this is my first time wearing a super high wedge which is 4-5inches tall that makes me look taller even for a day. I also bring my Zanea flat shoes in case that my feet get hurts in walking and standing (im usheretter) but im suprise that it didn't hurt not like the other wedges, i just felt that im using a normal wedge without any fear of falling; my legs are weak, my right leg got cast months ago :(. I just change my Shoes after the seminar because we need to clean the room. 

P.S 2days more before my birthday :) :) #justwanttosaysomething hehe

Hello BER months!

My Birthmonth...... October!! I started my birthmonth productive but i don't think that i started this month with a lucky luck :( Although im still praying that it will get great. I consider the news as challenge cause my birthday is coming... Haha. The news that made me sad is my entry for Hello Kitty in Style was regretted, I hoped that im having the chance to win their prize :(.. So, im not going to hope anymore!

Enough about that. Happiness is on the way :D .. How's the weather in your province/place? The weather here is so unpredictable. Sun, Rain, Rain, Rain, Suuun then Rain. And im that lazy girl who always don't bring umbrella cause it was heavy and occupy a lot of space on my bag. Hahaha. Sun is always out and my only solution is sun glasses, no one can stare a loooong time or even 10secons and more on the sun right? Glasses is not so heavy and doesn't occupy a lot of space. Few days ago, KikayForeverPH send something that really made me happy ^_^ Another addition to my collection!
One sun glass and the other one is clear glass that i wanted to have grade.
I can always bring this! since the color of the sun glass can fit in any color. I love the design of this!!
This is really my dream! To have a cat eye clear eye wear! Saw lot of online shop selling this on high price. Luckily that KikayForeverPH send me these! Will definitely going to get this graded have this graded.

Ambiance of Silence

Visited again in Monasterio De Tarlac were you can really feel the ambiance of Silence. The view is such a beautiful place that as you go up the mountain you can really see how amazing He is. He's creation. A really nice place to visit.
Clean is green as they said. Lookie that the mountain has many tress, no more illegal loggers! I hope all mountains is like this so no more floods will happen.
The place is like near to heaven. They have mass/Pilgrims mass every 10:30am and 3:00pm everyday except Thursday.
My memory card got corrupted :( All my picture got deleted, all my photography. That's why i only share few pictures that are grabbed. 
Top: Jack Daniels, Jeans: Crissa, Bag: SM Department Store, Shoes: Zanea

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