DIY: Beaded Sunglass

Do you think summer already end? Hmm. not yet!! It's still hot here but sometimes rains comes out. Anyway, I'd diy my boring sunglass, i hope it is not late for summer. Heheh. Read more to know how to do this :D

Captain Hello Kitty

Been attached on tumblr :( but i keep coming back here cause i love the photo quality on blogspot. hehe ,thinking if im going to delete my tumblr or just use it for my rants things but i don't have anything to share there. Anyways, here what i wore when i accompanied my mother and grandmother to buy some stuffs on my grandmother's bigday. 

San San Eyeliner

Here's a review of San San liquid eyeliner, bought this cause i want to learn how to apply liquid eyeline on my eyelid and its cheap! No worries if i fail on many times doing this (cause its cheap /again)..

Zanea Shoes


Look Zanea Shoes April collection in terms of flat shoes.

Plain Blue and Black


This is the kind of my style; tshirt and a short or pants. I just add accessories, so it will not turn out too simple. This outfit is really perfect for the super hot weather here in the Philippines.

Green and White Floral


Decided to go on blogspot instead of tumblr. I love the blogspot quality photo even though i find hard on editing the theme. Btw, here's my first post which is a summer outfit and this is the start of my true blogging on the term of fashion ;D

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