Delivery Room

Jun 27, 2013

Was assigned on special area for the first time last June 17, 18, 24 and 25! Assigned on Delivery room, I was really nervous and excited on the time I saw the schedule for duty.. I'll be sharing my experience here, so read more :)

Jun 21, 2013

Have you seen Zanea Shoes new arrival for the month of May and June?. It was amazing that zanea's always have a new arrival that comes from different designs. And you'll love Zanea not just because of the designs of their shoes, you'll also love the quality of it ;D .. anyway, I'll share some pictures from their new arrivals.

Senior Year!!!

Jun 20, 2013

Im officially 4th year Nursing student!!! Time flies so fast!.. I often find my self imagining what would my life be after 4years... A successful nurse already? a nurse on abroad? I really hope so.. But anyway i'll be sharing some photos on my first week on being a senior student. Im still adjusting my mind/self on the super hectic schedule. imagine, no more weekends! Saturdays and sundays is our review day or compentency appraisal. A little bit tired on this 1st week. but i'll surely get to used on it.
these 3 picture above is during our competency appraisal.
And here's my two sleep buddies here in our home. But im only on our home during weekends. I need to be on our dorm during weekdays!

Aztec Print on my top

Jun 10, 2013

This what i wore on Last minute shopping with my younger sister and mommy. My younger sister bought school shoes cause we can't find shoes for her on the last mall we visited. Her shoes is freaking size 8 or 9. Longer than my shoe size. What a big monster my sister is. Haha. And she's taller than me :(
Top: KittinShoppe, Shorts: Lee, Watch: Tomato, Shoes: ZaneaShoes

Zanea shoes

Jun 9, 2013

Visited Zanea Shoes outlet at Robinson's department store in WalterMart Gapan. I'd check if the may collection is still there and yesss! They still have the may collection and 50% off in selected items is still available.

Orange Lace.

Jun 7, 2013

This what i wore on my grandmother birthday party last June 5. I just grabbed this floral orange dress on my mom's cabinet. Hehe
I did my make up(so proud of my self)! Used different make up brands. Haha.. I should watch/read more make up tutorials. :) I put heavy make ups cause it is a night party.

And sorry for not-so-good photo quality cause i didn't notice that our digi-camera is on the VGA mode :( #epicfail

Dress: no tag, Accessories: Divisoria, Shoes: 
Zanea Shoes

Jun 4, 2013

Yup! It's already June and this is a late post, since i just saw awhile ago the May collection of Zanea Shoes. but i bet that these shoes is still available available on all Robinsons Department stores nationwide, Landmark Makati and Trinoma :]
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