The jeans-and-shirt kind of girl

Jul 26, 2013

Top: borrowed from my sister, Jeans: Crissa, Watch: Tomato, Shoes: Zanea

Wore this during the 2nd day of our university meet, since color pink is the color of our college/department we are required to wear pink as a sign of support.. I'm the jeans-and-shirt kind of girl and that's my usually style, wearing shorts and dress(except with occasion) is prohibited in our school. So, I wore styled jeans like the one im wearing here, a ripped jeans! And I assure that my top is still eye-catching or still have that 'fashion' thing so my outfit look not so ordinary.

TUTORIAL: Heart nail art

Jul 25, 2013

I'll teach you how to do this heart nail art. Its good to love and be loved, so I used my Caronia nail polish from their The Sound of Color Collection that I posted a week ago.. This tutorial is so easy to do! :)

Good vibes.

Jul 19, 2013

Stop the negative thinking or the bad vibes. It's always good to start the day with good vibes. So, as a part of my good vibes, I wore relaxing color that will make my vibes good even the weather now here in the Philippines is so bipolar... 
But how can we stop the bad vibes? when in waking up in the morning bad new will the first thing you'll hear in the morning that become your whole day ruin. In my case, when this happens. I usually think about good things...
My day just become crazy when my dysmenorrhea attack. #girlproblems. 
Anyway, I really like the color combination of my outfit here today. I look like fresh lady and the color of my outfit is relaxing. right?

Top: Evenstar's Fashion, Jeans: no tag, Accessories: my cousin just gave it to me, Shoes: Zanea.

The Sound of Color

In an event held last June 26, 2013 at the Hexagon Lounge in RCBC, Makati, Caronia started the countdown to its first music festival with the launch of its latest campaign called The Sound of Color. As the home-grown nail care brand recognized for a catchy jingle the nation wholeheartedly embraced, Caronia continues to re-invent itself, this time to exude a more current vibe, with the launch of a campaign that encourages the youth to share their passions and express their creativity.

Its kinda the same thing!

Jul 13, 2013

Some people said that you can't buy happiness. but sometimes, things can make people happy; the things you really want, the things that you bought is from the money you save for that thing. Like me, the things that makes me happy is hello kitty stuffs, clothes, foods(thing?) and shoeesss!

"They say money can't buy happiness but you cant buy shoes, and it's kinda the same thing!"

Zanea shoes never fail to make me happy by sending shoes for me ^_^, Zanea shoes is one of my favorite brand even before they sponsor me. Anyway, did you know that Zanea is one of the known lady shoes brand here in the Philippines #youmustknowthat :) .Their shoes is comfortable, affordable and has a good quality. So why look for other brand if you can stick to one that has a different design?. They sponsor artist like Joyce Ching, Kris Bernal, Dimples Romana, Barbie Forteza, Diva Montelaba and Kristal Reyes and Im very lucky to be sponsored by Zanea shoes. #unexplainedhappiness .. Here's what I got from them last week.

The sound of Color

Jul 10, 2013

Nurses can really take the pressure

Jul 7, 2013

Finally! Had a time to take an outfit post :D by the way, Sorry for the dark background because this was taken when i got home. I usually arrived at the evening :( #seniorlife.. This is the outfit we're required to wear every saturday and sunday.. A White top, pants and a close shoes.
to be honest, i don't get what the tshirt wants to mean. Hahah. yea, nurses can really take the pressure; temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse rate and Respiratory rate which can other know how do it :) .so, i can't get it :( I bought this last May on mental hospital during our affiliation as a remembrance.
I really need a not-so-big bag which can carry my jacket, packed lunch, notebook, xerox, water and other of my essential things.
shoes from ZaneaShoes

Tutorial: Blue and Green nails

Jul 6, 2013

This tutorial has been on my draft since summer and just have a guts now to upload this.. Its kinda fail but i guess this can help you guys to have some idea on nail art design.. Click the read more below of you want to know how to do this :D
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