DIY: Denim Jacket into vest

Nov 29, 2013

Turn your old denim jacket into vest!! Or even your parent's denim jacket :) .. while browsing my instagram, one of the people i follow post a diy about this.. and i remember my old denim jacket, this is my grade school jacket. Yes. But still fits on me, cause my dad bought it on XXL. =))) 
So easy to do! You'll just need a scissor and the denim jacket (ofcourse). read more to know how to do this.

Hugs && Kisses

Nov 24, 2013

Top: Bizaare | Short: Jag | Eyewear:  KikayForeverPH | Sandals: Barowed

Sneaker with Studs

Nov 22, 2013

A weeks ago, i received this Korean fashion stud high top canvas sneaker from you can see on my outfit posts that im always wearing closed shoes cause one of my insecurities is my feet (its like i have edema) and the only solution for it is to wear closed shoes right? Or a huge sandals? maybe.

Revlon Colorburst // Lipgloss

Nov 16, 2013

I'm going review this Lipgloss from Revlon (008 peony pivoine) that my friend gave to me as a birthday gift :)

Pink Overload

Nov 14, 2013

Top: Aeropostle | Watch: Tomato | Jeans: Divisoria | Shoes: Zanea

My outfit last all Saint's day is so girly in terms of color. Hehe, do it looks O.A on pink? But i guess not, because the color is not same scheme. As i said before i love wearing shoes with the same color on my top-- so i wore my flats from my favorite brand Zanea! I brought my sunnies from KikayForeverPH and colored my nails using Caronia..

It's a girly thing

Nov 13, 2013

Most of Girls like me collects bag! I think i have more than 15bags, i just love changing my bag and partnering it on my outfit even i don't usually take outfit with bags. hehe .Last week i received this lovely convenient bag from ,I had a hard time on choosing bags on their shop cause a lot of bags that i really want, but i need to choose what i really need and it took me to ask my mom's opinion. :) :) I love my choices because it has a changeable straps/way to bring it-- shoulder bag, hand bag and body bag. Click read more below to see the whole look of my choices.

Typhoon Santi

Nov 10, 2013

Typhoon Santi left this on our backyard-- its traumatic, the wind is so strong together with the rain, i was awake and praying that it would stop on the time Santi attacked... its takes almost 2hours :( .. But thank God that after a month we're now recovered but the other still recovering, Santi left so much mess in our province and brings problems but we're thankful that we are safe. I can't imagine what more on Yolanda which said that really strong, i prayed for the safety for the people who was living around Visayas. I know the feelings and fear. Let's Pray for the Philippines! #StayStrongPH

A rush moment

Top: Bizaare | Watch: Tomato | Jeans: Crissa | Shoes: Zanea

One Sunday morning, I woke up on the darkness place which is my room because we don't have electricity for almost a month-- the reason why im not updating.. We're in a rush to be able to catch up the 1st mass, this what happened; a simple but comfy outfit and since its so dark in my room i wore what i saw first and did not apply any make-up. But what's new? I always wear jeans, tee shirt and flats-- a typical girl and only wears dress and bongga outfit when there's occasions or needed =))). #fact .. eep! Im trying to upgrade my fashion style, really need a shopping (but doesn't have a time) Uhm, How about you? What is your rush moment so far?

October & November Zanea Shoes Collections

Nov 7, 2013

Zanea Shoes new campaign Ads with no other than Prisesa ng buhay ko actress-- Kris Bernal. I'd missed to post the October Collection of Zanea... I decided to post it together with their November collection cause October collection shouldn't be missed! Click read more below :) :)
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