Wear it according to your outfit

Wear it according to your outfit

Jul 19, 2014

As Girl, i always change my bag because i want it to be cooperate on my outfit color and style.. and how many things i will bring but most of the time, medium bag is a must for me cause i need to bring almost ALL even not needed to use those thing!! #girlsissue
Splendid Candy Color Zipper Cross Body Bag for $10.99
lovely! All essential will fit on this not so small bag! Make ups and wallet. You can use it on casual party. It is available in other colors-Red, Green, Khaki, Black, Watermelon, Rose, Light Blue, Light Yellow and Brown but i love red on this colors. 

Delicate New Arrival Color Block Shoulder Bag for only $10.99
got many things to bring? yet wanna look classy? This bag is for you. Don't worry about partnering it on outfit cause it is white and black that can fit on any color.. Length: 44cm, Height: 25cm, Width: 13cm.

Celebrity New Arrival Plaid Women's Shoulder Bag for $25.99
Need bag for everyday use? This can be yours! I remember back on my college days, i used bag as size as this, not so big but can fit anything that you want to use everyday. Notebooks, laptop, pencil case, make up kit..ect

Vogue Pure Color Tassel Tote Bag for only $16.99
go for basic? Try to partner it with this bag! You can use this also everyday.. most my bag is on neutral color like this cause i can partner it everywhere. This can be shoulder bag and body bag :) two use in one bag.

Graceful White Retro Women's Clutch for only $8.99
tired of heavy bag when going on party? Use this clutch. Can also use this on special occasions like weddings, debut, party bar..ect , wallet, cellphone and make up will surely fit on this bag! 
Browse here for more cheap bags!!
Foot wear to love

Foot wear to love

Jul 17, 2014

Based on what i observe, most of girls love collecting shoes (im one of them!) I make sure to wear shoes which is appropriate on my outfit, where i'll go, what's the weather condition and most of all-- what makes me comfortable.I discover that TB Dress sell cheap shoes with good quality and design.. here's my pick that you might want too :)
Comfortable Strap Chunky Heel Flip Flops Sandals for only $29.19 only until now cause its on sale!!
summer lovin' sandals! What i love about this sandal is the heel of it cause it's not like other flat sandals which you almost feel walking without sandals. But it can also partner on dress! really classy.
Creative Camel Lacing Rhinestones Boots with Two Ways of Wearing only for $47.69 only until nowww!
this is made from Skin-imitated sheep PU. Who doesn't love having one item and use in two different style? The walking will be worth because the heels is made from StilettoHeels and its 12CM in height! Grab yours until it sale!
Selling Flowers Platform Spring Fall Girls Shoes its 70% now and you can get it for $31.39 only.
if you will notice, im more on close shoes like this cause my insecurity is my feet :p .. Floral makes girl more girly, this is also available in color black. I love florals! :)
Beige Flat Heel Lace grab it for only $29.39 (its 80% off)
lacey shoes like this is hard to find. I want to get one cause its can partner in any kind of outfit cause of its neutral color and elegant look.
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Brow Class

Jul 16, 2014

I never know how to do a perfect eyebrow since i just learn it last may.. still not good on it and consumes lot of time just to do my eyebrow. Gladly that i spot this brow class in Banggod.
This is so useful and a life saver! It has 3 different shape to choose, doesn't consume a lot of time because it is more easier to use than a manual shaping of eyebrow. Read more as i show i use it :)
Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond

Jul 14, 2014

Heeellooooo ^_^  here's another set of cheap jewelries from TB Dress . you will not believe that these jewelries i pick is that 'cheap' .. I choose to shine like a diamond! :)

Lovely OL Style Simple Rhinestone Ring for only $55!!
this ring really catch my eyes. and first thing comes to my mind is "perfect engagement ring!"  cause (for me) its like modern or upgraded infinite sign. 

Pearl and Rhinestone Jewelry Set for only $25.99 but in other store its $95.
What i love about jewelry set is- you don't need to think what other accessories will you partner on it! Pearl and Rhinestone is such a perfect partner. The chain is made by alloy/rhinestone and its length is not less than 10cm.

Eiffel Tower Pearls Star Girl Bracelet can buy in TB Dress for only $5.99
does you notice that i've been choosing pearl? I don't know. I just love how they style the pearl- just like this! They match it with Eiffel tower which make it look more classy. This will be a perfect gift for you girlfriends, girl best friends.

Shiny Tiara Shape Lovely Rhinestone Ring will get it for only $13.99!
feel like a princess while wearing this gold tiara ring hence of 3 stones, this ring will give you a shine bright like a diamond feeling.. you can be a princess ;)
So reasonable! Loving every items from TB Dress! You can found more here.
Cheap Jewelries on TB Dress

Cheap Jewelries on TB Dress

Jul 8, 2014

Jewelries is one of the accessories that will make our #ootd more fashionable. Accessory can make some difference in our simple outfit- you just need to be wise to mixmatch and partner our outfit in elegant jewelries. If you worry about the price of elegant jewelries, i help you about it :) I found a onlineshop called TBdress -they sell cheap but elegant jewelries.

Luxury Modern High Class Women Earrings for only $19.79.. Its 75% less!! Its so brilliant, can wear day or night . 10.3cm in length and made by Alloy/Rhinestone/Cats-Eyes Stone .
i would love to wear this on night party! cause im sure the stone will shine everytime the light go over it.

one of the most popular product from tbdress. I love the color of this bohemian bracelet. Accessories can be complete with this because it is combine with flower ring. This is made by lace and alloy. So cheap! 

Perfect bracelet is perfect! All my favorite in one bracelet. Gold, Pearl and heart.. This can be use for everyday style.. Gold can match in anything (for me). don't worry, its not heavy because it is made from Zinc alloy and its only 48gram in weight.

Cool Alloy Betterfly Style with Rehinestone Necklace for only $18.79 (less 60% until july 12 only!)
who doesn't fall inlove with bow necklace? available in green, red and purple together with white .. Its so girly! ^_^
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