Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Sep 30, 2014

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment in our life. Whenever i heard that someone get married, one thing is for sure... i look what they're wearing. now, there's many popular personalities who are engaged now, and media always update us how's their preparation and who made their wedding gown, but for me its not about who made it, its about what it looks like. Here's some of the ball wedding gown dresses ( i spy on which is really cheap!

Let's start with this Gorgeous Ball Gown Sweetheart ( you can get it for only $159.99 . Simple dainty gown for simple theme wedding, this gown is only 1.50kg, it also has a built in bra, i love how the slits on the top of it was made, its very clean.. If you're already pregnant, don't worry, you can still use gown like this.. It will be more elegant if you put flowers in your hair :)

second one is this Unique Princess Short Sleeves Lace Corset ( for only $132.99 .. Just like your favorite tutu skirt, you can have tutu skirt on your wedding! Don't you love how balloon is this? it doesn't have petticoat and the floor length is just perfect. Ooops! Don't get me wrong, you can use this in any other occasion like Prom night, Birthdays/debut and other special occassions. The lace of this ball gown is until the back, available on all size and shape at

Charming Mermaid Strapless Ruffles ( im wondering how patience the dress maker who made this gown, look the details, the flower ruffles are perfectly and equally made and with such high quality material and rhinestone, its very cheap for this kind of luxurious gown! Only $302.99.. 

for more cheap ball wedding gown dresses visit

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

Sep 22, 2014

My hunting for pink lipstick when my sister gave this to me :) One of the thing i can put on my face is lipstick but i sometimes fail. I realize that it's good when you try and try until you perfect it! But there are things that 'try' is not unlimited. Anyway, keep reading to know why i like this lipstick.

Makeup Brush Set

Sep 8, 2014

Heelloooooooo :) How are you guys? Sorry for not posting for almost a month, i literally don't have anything to post! Haha and im a bit busy :))) So, okay. Lets start talking about this Make up Brush Set that i've been dreaming (yup!) Thanks for the generous .. Read more to know their uses and the quality of it :) 
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