Oct 26, 2015
I'm following someone on instagram which she always wear flannel and i got an idea to buy and wear one.. And i'm still search where can i get one :) I also google different ways to wear flannel.


Oct 17, 2015

Reunited with them! After graduation and passing the board exam most of us become busy... Long talks about what is happening to our lives and how was everyone.. Its nice to be with them again and they really push this to happened even though half of my classmate isn't available that time. Thanks to organizers :)

Secosana Bag

Oct 15, 2015

My abused bag from Secosana, bought this a weeks ago.. and i like how all my things fit on this bag (i have many essentials). This bag is made of leather and the color i choose is not prone to dirt which i really like :)

B.T LA blush on duo

Oct 10, 2015

Buying makeup become one of my happiness now, and it makes me wanna try different brands and buy all good makeup i read and watch on social media... even i have only days that i wanted to wear one, but playing on it when im bored and taking selfies is such an enjoyment =D Here's what i got a previous weeks ago, a duo blush on! i wanted to get blush on with 4 colors but it seems not hand carry either will not fit my kit..
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