Monique Galang, a 21 years old blogger from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Nursing by profession.

I stared blogging year 2010 at tumblr where i just love re-blogging and expressing some of my feelings. As i browse some of blogs, i found out that i can blog about my outfit which improved me on dressing up. 

In 2013, i moved here on blogspot and someone told me to try doing reviews- which i enjoy doing. sharing my thoughts and opinions that opens me to a lot of opportunities (collaborations and sponsorships).

I'm not a fashion blogger but i'll blog my #ootd, not a beauty blogger even though i will share my thoughts and opinions about makeup, not a travel blogger but i'm going to document here the places i will conquer and not even a food blogger, but i will make you crave on foods i'll post.. I'm Just another blogger that found happiness on doing it.

Always Believe in your Dreams..

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