DIY: Beaded Sunglass

Do you think summer already end? Hmm. not yet!! It's still hot here but sometimes rains comes out. Anyway, I'd diy my boring sunglass, i hope it is not late for summer. Heheh. Read more to know how to do this :D

Things that you need:
  1. Sunglass
  2. Beads (more than 40pcs or depends on the beads and your glass size)
  3. Glue stick and glue gun.
first put your main design. My main design is the color blue buttons since the beads i'll be using is color blue. 
Glue the other beads. this is the next step that you'll do, glue the beads on the suglass

Just repeat the two steps on the other side of the sunglass.

Taadaaah! This is the finish product of mine. heheeeh

ready for late summer? Hehe. Try yours now, you can use different beads and sunglass.
What can you say?? :D

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