San San Eyeliner

Here's a review of San San liquid eyeliner, bought this cause i want to learn how to apply liquid eyeline on my eyelid and its cheap! No worries if i fail on many times doing this (cause its cheap /again)..

The eyeliner i got is the one that is not too thick nor thin. Bought this Pencil Liquid eyeliner for only Php 75.00 (around $2).
Not-so-perfect yet not so fail. hehe. My mom always told me to put something on my eye but i don't know how to put eye shadow (still learning) and aside from eye shadow we can use liquid eye liner on our eye so i try it.. Im Happy that i don't fail many times but when im on hurry or don't have enough time, my liquid eyeliner usually fail.. Haaaaay
i have a huge forehead :(
All in all, i like the pencil eyeliner than the one with brush cause im not good on using brush or the one with thin hard stick eyeliner or whatever you call it. By the way What can you say about my look? Yay or nay?

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