Delivery Room

Was assigned on special area for the first time last June 17, 18, 24 and 25! Assigned on Delivery room, I was really nervous and excited on the time I saw the schedule for duty.. I'll be sharing my experience here, so read more :)

Anyway, that's our uniform on special area (scrub suit). and the day came... really nervous and my heart beating faster, want to back out seriously. Haha. But i was also trying to keep calm so i wont get toxic on duty. 

Then we enter the delivery room. I was observing around.. thanks God that our Clinical instructor is so kind to let us observe 3 normal spontaneous delivery before doing it.. the time that i assist the doctor, I keep on my mind to be relax and I pray, then it turns out Good. I was really happy and finally experienced it for the first time. Im the one who clamp the baby's cord, expelled the placenta out and assist the doctor doing the delivery. And to tell you guys, giving birth is not easy even its just a normal delivery from the time of labor.. some of the mother on our labor room was really shouting because of the pain their experience. I more deeply realized how our mother really loved us, from the moment they get pregnant up to the delivery and until noww. :)

here are my groupmates with our clinical instructor. we're only six on group, we're not allowed to wear scrub suit outside. We're about to go home that time that why we are no longer wearing our scrub suit.

Goodbye for now Delivery Room =)

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