Good vibes.

Stop the negative thinking or the bad vibes. It's always good to start the day with good vibes. So, as a part of my good vibes, I wore relaxing color that will make my vibes good even the weather now here in the Philippines is so bipolar... 
But how can we stop the bad vibes? when in waking up in the morning bad new will the first thing you'll hear in the morning that become your whole day ruin. In my case, when this happens. I usually think about good things...
My day just become crazy when my dysmenorrhea attack. #girlproblems. 
Anyway, I really like the color combination of my outfit here today. I look like fresh lady and the color of my outfit is relaxing. right?

Top: Evenstar's Fashion, Jeans: no tag, Accessories: my cousin just gave it to me, Shoes: Zanea.

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