Its kinda the same thing!

Some people said that you can't buy happiness. but sometimes, things can make people happy; the things you really want, the things that you bought is from the money you save for that thing. Like me, the things that makes me happy is hello kitty stuffs, clothes, foods(thing?) and shoeesss!

"They say money can't buy happiness but you cant buy shoes, and it's kinda the same thing!"

Zanea shoes never fail to make me happy by sending shoes for me ^_^, Zanea shoes is one of my favorite brand even before they sponsor me. Anyway, did you know that Zanea is one of the known lady shoes brand here in the Philippines #youmustknowthat :) .Their shoes is comfortable, affordable and has a good quality. So why look for other brand if you can stick to one that has a different design?. They sponsor artist like Joyce Ching, Kris Bernal, Dimples Romana, Barbie Forteza, Diva Montelaba and Kristal Reyes and Im very lucky to be sponsored by Zanea shoes. #unexplainedhappiness .. Here's what I got from them last week.
This one will be useful for me, I can use this on our school which will serve as my black shoes! and this also can use on our civilian days or during our saturday and sunday review ..

Thank you so much Zanea shoes for these. 
You can visit Zanea shoes facebook fanpage for more info and updates.

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