The Sound of Color

In an event held last June 26, 2013 at the Hexagon Lounge in RCBC, Makati, Caronia started the countdown to its first music festival with the launch of its latest campaign called The Sound of Color. As the home-grown nail care brand recognized for a catchy jingle the nation wholeheartedly embraced, Caronia continues to re-invent itself, this time to exude a more current vibe, with the launch of a campaign that encourages the youth to share their passions and express their creativity.

“Caronia is all about self-expression and individuality, and we believe that this is best demonstrated through one’s personal choices in mixing and matching colors,” shares Olive Soria, Brand Manager of Caronia. Caronia believes that color, given its imaginative and inspirational attributes, can move the world in a number of ways.

“We are highlighting color as a medium for women to express their passions, giving them the confidence to move the world through their creativity and self-expression,” Soria explains during her talk in the program. “Combined with another timeless and universal medium, sound, we are giving women a new instrument for them to express their individuality in our new campaign called The Sound of Color.”
The Sound of Color presents women with a chance to celebrate their uniqueness by showing the world how they stand out in terms of the many different music genres they listen to. From the energetic to the serene, the classic to the edgy, the relaxing to the funky, Caronia’s 72 different shades can be used to represent each of these various music styles.

To give everyone a preview, Caronia featured three different nail care stations that gave everyone a chance to have their nails adorned with nail art designs inspired by Pop, Rock, and Alternative musical genres. Also serving as a preview of the kind of energy Caronia’s campaign is set to unleash, the launch featured a performance by popular band, Gracenote, which gave the audience a stellar rendition of the Caronia jingle.

Hoping to encourage everyone to express their creativity, Caronia launched a search for the most talented performer who can give their best take on the brand’s jingle, allowing it to soar to brand new heights in whatever musical style they feel. Open to amateur groups, the jingle contest will seek out thebest 5 local acts that will have their talents showcased at a final battle held at the music festival finale this November at the Sky Dome in SM North EDSA. Dubbed as The Sound of Color Music Festival, the culmination of Caronia’s campaign is set to be a one-night musical extravaganza where the jingle finalists are to perform alongside bands from an exciting line-up of some of the best acts in the local music scene today.

In support of local talents and national artistic pursuits, another component of The Sound of Color campaign is an urban beautification advocacy called Everything I Touch Turns to Color. Happening this September, Caronia will be partnering with local government units to bring color to several areas of Metro Manila. This will involve female graphic artists who will paint street murals to the beat of live music being played.

Co-presented by Tony & Jackey and in partnership with Center for Pop, Caronia’s new campaign highlights the ability of color and sound to bring people together in honor of creativity and selfexpression— a project that only proves how great it is to realize that we are all but small tiny bits of pigment in a grand masterpiece that celebrates life for what it really is: a symphony of emotions and a spectrum of styles.
Wait for my post using these new released nail polish colors :-) . Thank you CaroniaPH for always sending me your new release colors with goodies inside. You always give colors on my day! Visit CaroniaPH facebook fanpage for the update on their promo I posted here a week ago. 

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