Tutorial: Blue and Green nails

This tutorial has been on my draft since summer and just have a guts now to upload this.. Its kinda fail but i guess this can help you guys to have some idea on nail art design.. Click the read more below of you want to know how to do this :D


Choose 2 colors of nail polish. these is my color of choice the fresh mint (regular) and the blue chill (frosted). These nail polish is from CaroniaPH summer 2013 collection.

Cover the half of your finger nails. so you can color the half of it with the first color of your choice. This also prevent on damaging/affecting the other half that you will color/paint with the second color of your choice.

color... color.. color.... i did 3 coating.

this will become the outcome of what you did. Look gross right?

don't worry, you can use CaroniaPH nail polish remover, to remove the excess nail polish

tadaaaah! not totally remove the excess cause you're going to color the other half with the second color of your choice which is the blue chill.

and my final product/nail art is this... a little bit fail but this is the first time i did it, so im excuse enough? hehe. Practice makes perfect, don't hesitate to try this too ^_^

I hope you understand my fist tutorial even (but hoping not) i have a grammar error. 

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