TUTORIAL: Heart nail art

I'll teach you how to do this heart nail art. Its good to love and be loved, so I used my Caronia nail polish from their The Sound of Color Collection that I posted a week ago.. This tutorial is so easy to do! :)

I'll be using the On the Go and Diva nail polish plus the Kwik-dry cuticle Conditioner and the nail hardener and base coat to have a beautiful result.
I used the Diva nail polish cause it is more light than the On the Go nail polish so the heart symbol will be the highlight of this nail art.
After that, practice doing heart symbol using the tip of BBQ stick or tooth pick.
And apply it to your nails ;D easy to do right? Do this in your own now using Caronia nail polish. I'll more appreciate it when you send to me what you did :)


  1. Aha! Now I know how to put stamps on my nails! Thanks for this tutorial :D

    1. yay! glad to hear that. I hope i can read/see your future nail art.. Goodluck :)


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