That neon rubber shoes

Hello, It's been a weeks since the last time I blog. Senior year is very stressful and such a very busy year.... i just thought that i need to prepare for second sem (Community Health Nursing will be back) but before that i need to passed my C.A 1 (maybe, one of the worse subject i have now). Anyway, Hope all the residence here in the Philippines are okay, how i wish that i can donate foods for the victims of the typhoon but all i can offer is prayer (which is powerful).. today, I'm going to review now the Rubber Shoes that i got last week from Max Start Store.
This shoes is really great, the first time i saw this on the box i thought it was heavy like other rubber shoes, but it's not and it is comfortable that my feet feels relax everytime i wear this.

All of the people saw this is saying that my shoes is beautiful and some of my classmates even as where i bought it. 
and i love the fact that i feel tall whenever im using it. It has a 3.0cm heel height. 
too bad that i don't have Physical Education class now, this rubber shoes is perfect for it. But i don't care, the first time i wore it, im wearing a pants.. hehe, the rubber shoes can do the 'people-will-only-look-on-my-shoes' and the first time im walking around wearing this shoes i heard that someone says "astig nung sapatos (she have an amazing shoes)". Shoes did that kind of impact to my whole outfit. Hahah.

Anyway, you can get this kind of rubber shoes on Paperplanes under Max Start Store.., the have many kind of shoes!. Will do an outfit post wearing this soon. :D

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