Ambiance of Silence

Sep 26, 2013

Visited again in Monasterio De Tarlac were you can really feel the ambiance of Silence. The view is such a beautiful place that as you go up the mountain you can really see how amazing He is. He's creation. A really nice place to visit.
Clean is green as they said. Lookie that the mountain has many tress, no more illegal loggers! I hope all mountains is like this so no more floods will happen.
The place is like near to heaven. They have mass/Pilgrims mass every 10:30am and 3:00pm everyday except Thursday.
My memory card got corrupted :( All my picture got deleted, all my photography. That's why i only share few pictures that are grabbed. 
Top: Jack Daniels, Jeans: Crissa, Bag: SM Department Store, Shoes: Zanea

Zanea's September Collection.

Sep 17, 2013

Its really nice that Zanea always have a new collection/designs or something new every month and the every month of Zanea's design, my wishlist of their shoes is increasing.. I think its a good hobbies if you go atleast once or twice a month on a shoe shopping! Shopping is my kind of stress-reliever. Anyway, have you been shoes shopping already?  here's their latest collection for the month of September..

Or busy on doing something else so no time to shop? You can now place an order online on Zanea facebook fanpage =)

School Girl

Sep 10, 2013

Wearing our school uniform during academics subjects. All white and only watch is the accessory allowed; Im such a Zanea girl, always using a zanea shoes cause i want comfortable for my feet! This Doll shoes is not made on leather not like other black shoes, i don't know what equipment/fabric they used on it, but its really comfortable and good for the bipolar weather.

Our schedule last week is such a mess, on the way to school which we're already near and announcing that there's no classes, it happened twice and i bet last week is not my week :( My wallet got snatched inside the mall cause i was using my back pack and my wallet is on it then i just thought that someone's just passed without knowing that someone's already got my wallet. 2 ATMs is there including my savings that i suppose to use on my upcoming birthday on October 8 to buy some of my wants...aaah, still can't get over about it. but good thing that im still safe yet had a trauma and i will never never put my wallet again on the back pack pocket. 
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