School Girl

Wearing our school uniform during academics subjects. All white and only watch is the accessory allowed; Im such a Zanea girl, always using a zanea shoes cause i want comfortable for my feet! This Doll shoes is not made on leather not like other black shoes, i don't know what equipment/fabric they used on it, but its really comfortable and good for the bipolar weather.

Our schedule last week is such a mess, on the way to school which we're already near and announcing that there's no classes, it happened twice and i bet last week is not my week :( My wallet got snatched inside the mall cause i was using my back pack and my wallet is on it then i just thought that someone's just passed without knowing that someone's already got my wallet. 2 ATMs is there including my savings that i suppose to use on my upcoming birthday on October 8 to buy some of my wants...aaah, still can't get over about it. but good thing that im still safe yet had a trauma and i will never never put my wallet again on the back pack pocket. 

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