Hello BER months!

My Birthmonth...... October!! I started my birthmonth productive but i don't think that i started this month with a lucky luck :( Although im still praying that it will get great. I consider the news as challenge cause my birthday is coming... Haha. The news that made me sad is my entry for Hello Kitty in Style was regretted, I hoped that im having the chance to win their prize :(.. So, im not going to hope anymore!

Enough about that. Happiness is on the way :D .. How's the weather in your province/place? The weather here is so unpredictable. Sun, Rain, Rain, Rain, Suuun then Rain. And im that lazy girl who always don't bring umbrella cause it was heavy and occupy a lot of space on my bag. Hahaha. Sun is always out and my only solution is sun glasses, no one can stare a loooong time or even 10secons and more on the sun right? Glasses is not so heavy and doesn't occupy a lot of space. Few days ago, KikayForeverPH send something that really made me happy ^_^ Another addition to my collection!
One sun glass and the other one is clear glass that i wanted to have grade.
I can always bring this! since the color of the sun glass can fit in any color. I love the design of this!!
This is really my dream! To have a cat eye clear eye wear! Saw lot of online shop selling this on high price. Luckily that KikayForeverPH send me these! Will definitely going to get this graded have this graded.

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