Taller than you think

Top: Crissa | Skirt: Bazaar | Shoes: Zanea

Our Block conducted a seminar regarding Civil Registration, our professor required us to wear corporate attire even we're just going to listen =)) .So here what i wore during the seminar and this is my first time wearing a super high wedge which is 4-5inches tall that makes me look taller even for a day. I also bring my Zanea flat shoes in case that my feet get hurts in walking and standing (im usheretter) but im suprise that it didn't hurt not like the other wedges, i just felt that im using a normal wedge without any fear of falling; my legs are weak, my right leg got cast months ago :(. I just change my Shoes after the seminar because we need to clean the room. 

P.S 2days more before my birthday :) :) #justwanttosaysomething hehe

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