Revlon Colorburst // Lipgloss

I'm going review this Lipgloss from Revlon (008 peony pivoine) that my friend gave to me as a birthday gift :)

Im a person who doesn't know how to apply lipstick perfectly, when i try to wear lipstick... i ended up on removing it before leaving home. yes :( Im so poor on make up skills but im gladly that i know how apply liquid eye liner :)) And im trying to learn to apply make ups now. Haha
My mom always said that i look pale cause i don't have any on my face and my lips is always dry.. Im glad that this lipgloss is so easy to apply, no mess! plus i love the color and the gloss effect-- no more dry lips because this lipgloss give shine and extra wet lips look (what a dictionary i have.sorry)
This is the result when applied. Boo me for not taking photo of my lips without this lipgloss. The two above photos is not editer nor have filter, i just collage it to make my post shorter :)

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