Sneaker with Studs

A weeks ago, i received this Korean fashion stud high top canvas sneaker from you can see on my outfit posts that im always wearing closed shoes cause one of my insecurities is my feet (its like i have edema) and the only solution for it is to wear closed shoes right? Or a huge sandals? maybe.

since the studs on clothes, bags and shoes get popular, i want to own one... or atleast do a diy with studs design but i can't find any store here that sells studs. So as i saw these shoes with studs i immediately place it to my order without having second thought.
This is only for $12.76 and available in deep blue color.
Only available at can win their items too just like and share by using your facebook or pin.. more details here:


  1. Hi Monique! I miss reading your posts, haha :D May Bloglovin' ka? Para mabasa ko parin blog posts mo :)))

    1. Heeeellloooo ate :) :) hihi ^_^ wala eh.. di ko alam kasi kung pano yun gamitin. hehe


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