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Helloooooooooooooo! Im back after weeks of hiatus/busy weeks! I miss blogging but suddenly my laptop will give up really soon :( Anyway, as a comeback i'll be doing a make up review. Got this Naked 3 a weeks ago from Tmart for only $9.96.
Love this set of colors; its neutral and can do a smokey eye too since im just new on doing eye shadow make up, this not too light nor dark colors is perfect for me..

It also comes with this brush a double sided brush. The brush is so soft
The first six colors! I don't know why there's broken/missing some part of the one make up but its okay cause i can still use it :) It can make shining and long lasting color, It contains no dye and will not form an annoying eye shadow mark. 
and the not so dark part of make up that can use for smokey eye! Im so excited to apply these and make some experiments using this! =) 

Check Tmart for more items! :D


  1. This is a perfect pallette, love nude colors because you can go from a nude look to a brown smokey eye effect.
    x Sandra

  2. I've this pallette and this is the pallette ever!! The Nude colors are so lovely u can use it for day or night!! So happy with it! Great review dear<3


  3. Love this set of eye shadow colors! It seems to have all the neutral shades that I would need. Will have to check it out!



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