FS two way cake

After seeing so many good feedback and review about this, i got so interested on this two way cake foundation from Fanny Serrano... and im going to add myself in one of those good feedback! Read more :)

I bought the Organza as suggested by the sales lady and she tried it on my face- Its a wow at first try! So, no more other thoughts and bought it already! Its not expensive nor cheap(sorry, i forgot the price). It has SPF35+ and does hide my pores.. been using this for a months now, but as you can see it does not consume easily. =)
I love the style of it! The foam has a separate place not like other foundation.
Above picture is before applying and after applying it. I don't use BB cream or anything here, just the foundation and lipstick. I bought it in SM North Edsa aroung 350-400php.

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