Brow Class

I never know how to do a perfect eyebrow since i just learn it last may.. still not good on it and consumes lot of time just to do my eyebrow. Gladly that i spot this brow class in Banggod.
This is so useful and a life saver! It has 3 different shape to choose, doesn't consume a lot of time because it is more easier to use than a manual shaping of eyebrow. Read more as i show i use it :)

Thereeee! An instruction at the back that can be understand by just looking at the drawings on how to do it. But i'll show you how i use it;
Place it on the eyebrow, the heart as a landmark on nose edge which you can't see here :(
and trace it with your favorite brow liner :)
brush, brush, brush to copy the/illustrate the shape using the brush not the liner because it will get thick if you'll use the pencil liner.
Tadaaaaaa! Easy as that :) You can buy brow class here for only $2.99.

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