Makeup Brush Set

Heelloooooooo :) How are you guys? Sorry for not posting for almost a month, i literally don't have anything to post! Haha and im a bit busy :))) So, okay. Lets start talking about this Make up Brush Set that i've been dreaming (yup!) Thanks for the generous .. Read more to know their uses and the quality of it :) 

It comes with this storage!  This Rose color of make up brush set is so girly indeed
Im not that pro on make ups but these weapons inspire and push me to know using different brushes; to tell honesty, i only know blush on brush and one eye shadow brush before! Haha .then, i hope you understand when i have wrong label among those brushes above (but! i search carefully)
  • This brushes is so soft and doesn't irritate my face (not like other cheap brushes which is irritable on sensitive skins) 
  • the brushes does not fall easily
  • Recommended for newbie :)
  • Affordable! Its only $17.07
  • Come with cute storage
  • Its Handy!
  • it doesn't have eyebrow brush
  • Doesn't have instructions where to use the brushes
  • The white one brush will be easily get colored/mess

It also comes with this lip brush (not sure) that i fist thought it was a replacement for brush holder :))
This is come on different colors and more sets at

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