Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

My hunting for pink lipstick when my sister gave this to me :) One of the thing i can put on my face is lipstick but i sometimes fail. I realize that it's good when you try and try until you perfect it! But there are things that 'try' is not unlimited. Anyway, keep reading to know why i like this lipstick.

The color is a perfect shade for me, although i don't try many pink lipstick but this is really the shade of pink i really like, not to light nor dark just a perfect pink.
ooops! like i said, i need to practice more. Haha. That's what it looks like after coating it once, it still depends on how many coat you will make to look it more pinkish. this color is enough for me.
  • it has menthol effect
  • easy to apply
  • perfect shade of pink
  • love the smell
  • it easy to ruin
  • consume easily
And because it is only given for free, i don't know how much it cost. :P

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