Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dress

Preparing for wedding give stress and sleepless night which somehow, the side effect of it is eating too much to cover up of it! Need to prepare for wedding dress that you wanted to be sexy but can't stop eating? Here's a solution! Cheap plus size wedding dress ( which you can still look sexy :)
Mall Price: $345 | Tbdress Price: $173.29
Weight: 2kg
i must accept that there's so much plus size who have beautiful curve, this wedding gown will fit on your curves! The skirt look simple, but not like the ordinary wedding gown. The elegant tube top is not like other tube that doesn't have design, cause it has curve design to which look more sexier and it has sequence and flowers lace .
Mall Price: $505 | Tbdress Price: $214.39
Weight: 2.50kg
Ruffles wedding dress that cover up the plus size body :P It is floor length without any tail on back :) The design on the top of the dress is beads and sequences, back of it can be tie up, so no need to worry if you're going to gain more weight before the awaited moment :D
Mall Price: $395 | Tbdress Price: $177.69
Weight: 2kg
one of my favorite design!! See through wedding dress for plus size!! The design of it is until back, yes! Its only for $177.69, such a big steal for this kind of design! Aaaah! No words i can describe how much i really like it!
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    amazing ones

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  3. My fav is the first dress

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