Sivanna Colors Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Got this Gel Eyeliner last month from choies and just only have a time now to review and try this. It's new to me that Gel Eyeliner pencil exist =))) cause i only know Gel Eyeliner is the one you need to use a brush and it's really convenient to have this kind of Gel Eyeliner right?
The Brand of it is Sivanna Colors (another new for me) and upon choosing this eyeliner, i look for review of it and i found that most of reviews said "they really like it" so let me prove it too :)

What else can i say, its really a high quality gel eyeliner pencil; Can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect; Waterproof, makes the effect lasting. -choies
I love how black it is! and the black is so bold which i really like, no need to apply again and again. I just applied once on this picture. 
it comes with sharpener.
This what makes me amaze.. I rub it several time and the Sivanna Gel Eyeliner doesn't fade. Please watch the video :)
 And a running water test to see how waterproof it is :)
after the water test, some of the eyeliner got removed and i thought it is because water is so heavy and run too fast? :)) but i tried it to rub and it's really hard to remove even my hand turns red.

All in all:  I love how easy to apply this Gel eyeliner pencil and how black it is in one applying but it give some mess on my eyes when i rub it (will not rub my eyes when i use it again)

You can buy it at Choies for $11.99 only


  1. This looks like a great product!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  2. Great review! Thank you for sharing this with us!!
    xo, Jane

  3. This liner looks great! I am always looking for a good one


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