Nyx matte lip cream in Antwerp Review

"Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and unlike some matte lipstick formulas also moisturizing." -www.nyxcosmetics.com

My Hello Kitty Room

Who would think that this room own by a 21 yrs old girl? Anyway, I started collecting hello kitty stuffs when i was on 3rd year high school and it comes to the point that any hello kitty i saw on store, i bought atleast one; Papers, ID lace, tissue papers, stickers, scotch tape and even plastics =)) but i already remove it on my collection except for these stuff toys! :) Half of it were given by my friends who know me for being a collector.

UNDAS 2015

Our tradition every 1st of November is to visit the souls of our love one who passed away. Pray for their souls and offer candles too..its also mini reunion i guess, We ate lunch and dinner on the cemetery, bonding with cousins like we never see each other for a long time.. On the picture above, we're not yet complete. (yup.big family) 

Love that we have a roof top and our space is really near on the entrance!! Its nice sightseeing people; looking for the trending colors or outfit hehe and call the names of some person we know..
we even watch the sunset 
We left at past 7pm .. before, we left at around 9pm, but because the next day is not holiday it means work and classes resume so we go home early..


I'm following someone on instagram which she always wear flannel and i got an idea to buy and wear one.. And i'm still search where can i get one :) I also google different ways to wear flannel.


Reunited with them! After graduation and passing the board exam most of us become busy... Long talks about what is happening to our lives and how was everyone.. Its nice to be with them again and they really push this to happened even though half of my classmate isn't available that time. Thanks to organizers :)

Secosana Bag

My abused bag from Secosana, bought this a weeks ago.. and i like how all my things fit on this bag (i have many essentials). This bag is made of leather and the color i choose is not prone to dirt which i really like :)

B.T LA blush on duo

Buying makeup become one of my happiness now, and it makes me wanna try different brands and buy all good makeup i read and watch on social media... even i have only days that i wanted to wear one, but playing on it when im bored and taking selfies is such an enjoyment =D Here's what i got a previous weeks ago, a duo blush on! i wanted to get blush on with 4 colors but it seems not hand carry either will not fit my kit..

Floral Bag from Dresslink

since my loyal backpack is already broken, when i got the chance to choose from Dresslink products, my 1st list is a backpack.. It's very useful for me since high school, not only using it on school but when going somewhere too with a lot of things to bring (i like putting it on one bag). I got this Floral Design Backpack ....

Loungefly Hello Kitty Wallet

My first Loungefly Hello Kitty wallet from my bestfriend.

Wet n Wild: In the Flesh and Bare it All Matte Lipsticks

First time to try wet n wild matte lipstick, i did a lot of research about this. lol and its really hard for me to find a perfect color cause i just bought it online without trying it on myself. I can't find any wet n wild matte lipstick in my place. Thanks to all beauty blogger out there! Your reviews means a lot specially to buyers who always buy online. And i ended up on In the Flesh and Bare it All.

Things i want to buy

Here's to the reason of saving up! 
  1. Nike Aloha Roshe, i love anything floral.. Its really looks girly and i find it pretty that can be use in any outfits.
  2. Loungefly Hello Kitty wallet, im really obsess on hello kitty and this wallet design looks very classy.
  3. Nike Airmax Black/Mint Green, mint green is my new favorite!
  4. Kate spade cedar street maise (black/cream), i noticed that im into using bag that can be handbag and body bag at the same time! Its really very convenient to use.
  5. Hello Kitty Bag, yup! Its Hello Kitty anyway.
  6. Adidas Stan Smith.

No bake, Homemade pizza.

To those who wanted to cook but don't know how to use their oven, doesn't have oven and want to make baking easier. No oven nor refrigerator needed (which is my problem), A no bake home made pizza.

Sweater Weather

My first outfit post for 2015 which is really taken last 2014.. only now got the chance to post this despite of missing #ootd post! Can't deny that im gaining weight which i can't control =( yeaa, its not too late, i still have few months to achieve summer body! :/ and will surely be active on blogging again.

Cheap winter boots

January is more cold than december here in the Philippines, it feels like Christmas!! I wore more sweater this january than last december.. i was thinking how about in other country? can you share it? :) here's what you can wear in time of cold weather or even not, cause it is cheap yet fashionable wither boots from http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Christmas-Boots-Deals-25-100923
Market Price: $90 | Tbdress Price: $28.99
fashionable heel boots, not only for winter but can use everywhere with your chic outfit of the day! available on color chocolate/dark brown. Love the heels of it, looks so durable.

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