Cheap winter boots

January is more cold than december here in the Philippines, it feels like Christmas!! I wore more sweater this january than last december.. i was thinking how about in other country? can you share it? :) here's what you can wear in time of cold weather or even not, cause it is cheap yet fashionable wither boots from
Market Price: $90 | Tbdress Price: $28.99
fashionable heel boots, not only for winter but can use everywhere with your chic outfit of the day! available on color chocolate/dark brown. Love the heels of it, looks so durable.
Market Price: $130 | Tbdress Price: $68.99
This is a model that will always stand out and make you look ultra chic,  If you are seeking to look taller, jean denims and pants are the best choice. Combine them with a fancy pair and get going. You will look marvelous, especially if they are the same tone: this will give the visual sensation that you have longer legs..
Market Price: $108 | Tbdress Price: $36.49
 if i could wear this everyday here in the Philippines, i will. This can wear in any outfit; jeans, dress as well as skirt. The color is perfect in any color of your daily outfit. 

What do you like the most on these boots?


  1. Awesome booth selection, specially love the first one!


  2. Cute boots!


  3. Lovely blog, looking forward to see more posts from you!
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  4. This first one looks amazing! Hope you can drop by my blog. Let me know what you think about it! We can also follow each other if you want.

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