B.T LA blush on duo

Buying makeup become one of my happiness now, and it makes me wanna try different brands and buy all good makeup i read and watch on social media... even i have only days that i wanted to wear one, but playing on it when im bored and taking selfies is such an enjoyment =D Here's what i got a previous weeks ago, a duo blush on! i wanted to get blush on with 4 colors but it seems not hand carry either will not fit my kit..

rosy color and one is with combined red and orange color.. this is the only color available for now as the sales lady said "it is new released"..  Its really pigmented on one applying. But chalky after getting on the container (a bit messy too)
I don't use the brush on it, its really small and will not spread easily on my face .. or i just used on using big blush?  .It cost not more than Php250 (forgot the exact price)


  1. Great review!!

  2. I never understood why they have those small brushes. No one uses them! Love the colors!


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