EST. 2007

Before the year end, my 2nd year highschool classmates decided to have a reunion since we never had one for a year. Back in college we always have get together every year even though only few of us attended. Its also a part of celebration of our classmate who passed the Civil Engineer board exam.. 

Summer in December! We went on Jerry De Alicia Resort located on Penaranda, Nueva Ecija. The resort is huge with almost 5 pools, im the one who told them about this resort because i already went there and wanna go back again..
There are many statue like these on the resort! a lot of nice spot to take a picture.
and because im from night duty, i tried to sleep and she keep on disturbing me.
We don't know when this will happen again, i hope that we can make it atleast once year.

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  1. Very refreshing post. I love reading raw blog posts like this. Made my day.

    Have a great day!
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