Isdaan Tarlac

Last November 2015, we went in Isdaan Tarlac after our visit on our Lady of Manaoag.. Really wanted to go there since the tacsiyapo becomes viral and i heard a lot of good feedback about their food.. 
a floating restaurant for real! Its my first time here and i must say that i love the place, despite that i have a little fear while walking cause its sinking (the way into the kubo)
They even give us fish food, so we can feed them while waiting for our order.
We ordered Shrimp, crab and their best seller chicken (really the BEST) plus fresh buko juice and melon shake. If im going to come back there, i would love to eat again the best seller chicken (forgot what they call it) ..
the rice is actually good for two people cause I didn't finish mine. :)) 
They also have entertainer while waiting, there were a a group of singers, shows in the center of the restaurant (i think, every weekends only) and some massage therapist.
On our way out, there's a long line outside, their waiting to get in. Good thing that we came earlier, Many people coming to eat there and i have no doubt because their food is good and their service is really nice. Although, we did not stroll around cause we're on hurry.

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