5 Ways to save money in College

2 years ago, I graduated from College. I miss going to school and having some talks with my friends and classmates. it is expensive to be a college student because there lot of expenses. Here's ways that may help you to save money in College.

5 Ways to save money in College

1. Borrow things

Let's be practical, don't be shy on asking your higher year or graduated friends with same course as you to borrow things from them like books or uniform. I just borrowed some of my text book and paraphernalia.

2. Buy in Group

If you buy in a bulk, the store will give you discounts. When i was on college and we're required to buy something, we buy in group or someone will buy for us.

3. Open a Savings Account

When the money is still in your wallet, you always tend to use it. Go ahead, open a savings account or an ATM, it doesn't matter if you're going to deposit a small amount but make it a habit to deposit at least every month.

4. Avoid Over spending

Which always happens to me. Haha! Learn to manage you're money specially when your parents is giving you a weekly or monthly allowance. Buy only the things you need the most.

5. Find ways to make extra cash

If your schedule permits, try to apply on fast food chain, computer shops (typing job) or if you have a blog, you can make money out of it but not easy as 1.2.3. When I was on college I made extra money on blogging.


  1. So smart! I have a love/hate relationship with carrying cash but it makes me so much more aware of how much I am spending!

  2. Great tips! I think no matter what stage of life you're at it's important to try save money, you never know what the future holds!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. 1,2,3 only.. �� but I'm trying my best to avoid 4. ig giveaway bring me here

  4. Thank you for these tips!! Yes you're right, but we as group or my squad cannot help ourselves to go spend our money on foods GRABE!! We're really stress. Number 5, I really want to try blogging, but Miss Monique can u teach me some tips on how to improve my blogging skills? 😊😊😊😊😊

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    Ig: @dmculayao


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