Colourette Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Im familiar on the brand Colourette Cosmetics because their model/ambassador was Lily Maymac. One day, a dealer of it ask me to buy and i said no because honestly it was pretty expensive while my mom and sister bought theirs. I borrowed it to give a try and then i finally bought mine..

Colourette Cosmetics Lipstick 

Why i bought mine even it is expensive? In just one swipe the color is very pigmented and yes it is matte.. When i first used this, i feel some heavy thing in my lips like a kid who was first time to try a lipstick maybe because i swipe it more than one, there's also some sticky feeling but it is bearable. It is not transfer-proof but it stays longer. Its a matte lipstick. If you have cracked or dry lips, I suggest on using lip balm before applying.

Amari, light pink  and Dakota, dark red lipstick or vampire like lipstick
What i like:
  • In just one swipe, it is very pigmented.
  • Its is 100% Natural. 
  • Lot of shades to choose
  • Not drying to lips

Sahara, light nude lipstick color and Petra, light red lipstick color

What i don't like:
  • Not transfer-proof
  • Kinda Sticky on lips
Availability: Zalora 
Price: 549php
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  1. The colors are pigmented and gorgeous!


    Tamara -

  2. I love the Petra shade :) well I always love red :) thanks for your honest review dear! ;)
    Rica |


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