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I started wearing eye glasses when I was 2nd year college. I got the typical glasses and they always say that I look old wearing glasses. So, I decided to know on how to put contact lenses.. But my eyes got dry whenever I wore it for the longest time. I still need an eye glasses but I made sure that I will have the eye glasses that will fits on my age and something stylish.. It’s really awesome that I can buy a clear eye glasses and go to optical clinic to add grade on the lenses. I feel blind without my contact lenses or glasses on.
Even I knew how to put contact lenses, I still prefer eye glasses because it doesn’t give any harm unlike the contact lenses. I slept with my contact lenses twice and it was one of the biggest regret, It feels like my eyes were super sensitive to light and I can’t open it. I told myself to stop over using contact lenses and to use eye glasses more often.

I search for glasses frames that will look good on me (I hate hearing from other people that I look old with eye glasses) and I found what I wanted, a wayfarer. I got this one from GlassesShop. To be honest, this is for men. But I still got this! It’s looks good on me anyway. Not looking old anymore with this eye glasses. I’m going to optical clinic to have my eye check and to change the lenses. 
I’m Happy that this arrived safely without any damages, it was wrap on a small box with the glasses case and the glass was wrap with the cleaning cloth. The nose pads is adjustable and has a flexible spring hinges. 

Looks heavy right? But it’s not. It was made from Acetate and metal material, you can have this on Black, brown and tortoise color. You can also ask them to add grade on your eye glasses, but you need to submit/answer some question before putting a grade on you lenses and with added price. They also have prescription sunglasses..

GlassesShop have many more pairs of affordable eye glasses. They always have a sale!! Use GSHOT50 for 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded). 


  1. I wear eyeglasses too. I have blurry eyes when I was in first year high school. I can't read the writings on the chalkboard and I can't read the signs of the jeepney anymore. anyways, napakwento na naman. Your glasses are really cool �� ig giveaway bring me here


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