Kills 99.99% Germs with TruCleen

TrueCleen from HBC
Washing our hands is one of the important things to do after and before doing anything, it helps us to avoid transmission of germs from others or getting germs from others. We may not see the bacteria/germs but it can spread easily but we can prevent it. As they say, prevention is better than cure.
TrueCleen from HBC
This TruCleen soap claims that it kills 99.99% germs, I use this while I was suffering on skin itchiness every night (it always happen to me every BER months) and it really irritates me. I tried to use this soap (all over my body) and it works pretty well because my skin itchiness lessen. I love how the soap smells and the soap does not melt easily. I used this for almost 2weeks!!

In the absence of water to wash our hands, We can use Hand sanitizer and alcohol. These were very convenient. Just like the soap, both of it has smells well and claims that kills 99.99% germs, disease-causing germs. 
TrueCleen from HBC
Hand Spray on 55ml spray bottle. I always have this on my bag
TrueCleen from HBC
Hand Gel on 55ml as well. It turns on liquid form while spreading and feels so soft on hands after using. 

TruCleen is manufactured by Splash Cooperation and you can bought it on HBC stores nationwide.

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