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Its already October!!! Days flies easily, cant believe few more days until my birthday.. Aside from my upcoming birthday, i love BER months because weather become colder, All Soul's day, Christmas and new year were coming... I looooove gatherings with my family!

Say goodbye to summer outfit and hello to spring outfits! Here's my pick from StyleWe
Jumpsuit were something i would like to try.. 

  1. Black Off-shoulder i remember being a student with this design since it has a black ribbon on it. But what made me like this is the off shoulder and layering style of the top. This could be a go to work outfit. 
  2. Black Sleeveless Stripes This two piece jumpsuit will hide my big thighs and i will look tall on this :P
  3. Sleeveless Pockets on days that is not super windy or cold, this can be a go to outfit. It looks super comfy and confident. A plain two piece jumpsuit.. 
more jumpsuit in this link

i'm becoming obsess with bags nowadays, i would like to have all the cute and nice design of bags i see online! But i always make sure that the bag i got is something i can partner on every outfit. All the time choose neutral colors when i buy bags.  
  1. White Cowhide Leather im sure, i can bring all my essential on this bag. I can use this as body bag or a handbag.
  2. Pink Casual Cowhide the go to cross body bag. It can hold my phone and wallet as well as my card holder and I like the twist lock of it.. 
  3. Beige Cowhide stay stylish even you have a lot of things to bring.. This is a medium size back pack. When i have a tons of things to bring, using back pack is my choice. 
All product from Stylewe were designed by their independent designers. Make sure to check their pinterest and StyleWe blog.

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