September Happy List

Felt like on the cloud9!! Couldn't be more thankful Lord. Your right time is coming little by little. I'm always excited on what on store for me everyday. 
  1.  Prayers answered!! You're amazing Lord.
  2. Received makeups from LOL Cosmetics :)  aaaaahh. this makes me do more and harder in blogging..
  3. First time to hold a instagram giveaway.
  4. Got a message from my favorite local brand (Ever Bilena and Careline) They gave me a set of their EB Extreme Lipsticks and Careline Lip glosses plus they sponsor my upcoming giveaway!!
  5. I'm becoming a morning person, this is achievement haha since i'm not a morning person i looove staying up late and waking up late. 
  6. I have a motivation to lose more weight. I already lose 2kgs but i wanted to hit 45-47kgs hehe
  7. finallyyyyy, after reading a lot of reviews about Loreal infallible pro matte foundation, i bought mine!

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