Body Recipe Bath Soap

It's been weeks since the last time i post, my laptop got broken and i fix it on my own (proud of myself hehe) I wanted to be more active on blogging again, i have a lot of things to post about and pending reviews. One of those is this Body Recipe Bath Soap. 

Body Recipe bath soap were naturally made and has four variant to choose; Revitalizing, Moisturizing, Smoothening and Invigorating. 
Revitalizing or Singkamas Bath Soap enriched with singkamas root extract to help nourish, refresh and improve skin tone giving it healthier appearance. 
Moisturizing or Honey Bath Soap is a natural skin moisturizer that makes skin soft and young looking.

Ivigorating or Coffee Bath Soap contains natural antioxidant that helps protect skin from harmful environment pollutants for softer and radiant skin.
Smoothening or Sun Flower Bath Soap enriched with sunflower seed oil which helps protect skin from free radicals leaving skin smoother, softer and firmer looking.

And all of these helps relieve dryness, restore silky softness to skin and of course washes away dirt and refreshes skin. One 90g bar can last on me for more that a week since it doesn't melt quick. My favorite is the Sunflower soap, aside from giving smoother skin, i also love the smell of it. 

You can buy these on HBC which available only with Body Recipe gift pack. 

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