My Shopee Shopping Experience

I thought that shopee is just another online store and its has similarities on instagram. An instagram that has a price of items ..

Seeing on instagram's post the brushes i wanted is on free shipping when you shop on shopee made me installed it because hey, shipping here in our province cause more than 100php. Sadly, the brushes I wanted was already out of stock. I search on the search bar if I can find brushes with the same deal but luckily I found cheaper!!! I didn’t have any second thought to place an order because it such a steal! 320php and free shipping on 10pcs brush set. 

Unfortunately, the seller contacted me that the color I wanted is already sold out so I had to choose another color. I also place another item since I wanted to take advantage of free shipping.. I order 10pcs brush set and egg brush then I paid my order the next day via remittance/payment Center (you can pay also using over the counter or bank transfer and sometimes, cash on delivery) and payment was confirmed the next day. 

After 2days, I was notified on my email that my purchased is already ship (shopee give cut off on sellers when they need to ship the orders, if they fail to do it on the said period it will automatically cancelled and give you a refund) then I received it the next day. Once I received it, I go on my shopee application and notified the seller that I received the product. 

On my first time order on shopee, it’s a great online store I’ve ever experience as of the moment, they never fail to notify and they have a lot of discounts every day! 

Just be practical and search on other lower prices :P 

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  1. Is this the 10 pcs. kabuki brushes? what color do you own? I have the white gold one. the brushes are good �� ig giveaway bring me here


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