How to renew PRC license on Clark, Pampanga

Dec 13, 2017

CPD Units for Nurse will be effective next year (as I read on facebook posts). Since my license will expire in less than a year, I can renew it already. I went on Clark Pampanga in One Stop Processing former Clark Polytechnic.

Wig Ideas for Halloween

Nov 1, 2017

Halloween is already there! Do you find your costume? and do you have makeup ideas for your Halloween party? If yes, Let me add this wigs on your costume to complete your look.

Lately, I saw a lot of pictures on social media sharing their Halloween look and Costumes, There's only a few of them who wear wigs. Wigs can even bring our Halloween look to the next level, so I'll be sharing with you some of my Wigs Ideas for Halloween specifically Half Wigs.

Half Wigs, from the word 'half' which basically cover only half of your hair or it's more like hair extension.
Half Wig Milly -  Colorful half wig which reminds me of a mermaid. When I was looking for what Halloween look to do, I saw few mermaid look. This kind of he mermaid wig will totally complete the mermaid vibes.
Half Wig Alima - White Lady costume is one of the popular and easiest to do but if you have a short hair, nevermind that idea. Not now! This Alima half wig will help you out to cover your face for white lady fear factor.
Half Wig Firenze - make Halloween as a reason to imitate your favorite celebrity. My idea here was Taylor Swift during her curly hair days.

You can visit Black Hair Spray for more Hair and Wig ideas also Beauty and Hair Care. Blck Hair Spray is one of the Authorized dealers of many top brands namely Milky Way, Freetress Equal, Sensationnel, Outre, Model Model, Isis Collection, Bohyme, Saga Remy, Goddess, Velvet, Janet Collection, Vivica Fox Collection, Hollywood, Zury, It's A Wig! and New Born Free, just to name a few. 

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Oct 17, 2017

Lip and Cheek stain was my go-to product and my favorite at the moment. It looks like the lip shinner I used to buy when I was in elementary but has a color. When Beauty MNL offer 1Php on Shipping fee I grabbed the chance to buy these Lip and Cheek Stains. 

EB Advance White Purity - Lightening Milk Cleanser

Oct 11, 2017

We really need to clean our face after a long day. To remove dirt on our face especially if we commute on a daily basis because there's a lot of dirt we can acquire. I used EB Advance White Purity Lightening Milk Cleanser and I'm going to share my experience on this. 

Jaguar 20,000mah power bank Review

Sep 29, 2017

No more low battery gadgets with this Jaguar 20,000mAh power bank! This becomes my need whenever i leave home. I bought it from Kimstore

Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Review

Sep 6, 2017

As much as my budget permits, i want to buy new release makeup from drug store makeup brand. It just makes me happy trying new, especially when it just got released. My Review maybe super late, but i bought the Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Review weeks after the released.

The Face Shop Aloe Vera Gel Review (3 days result)

Jul 10, 2017

I'm very curious what Aloe Vera Gel can do, I read and watched a lot of beauty gurus using Aloe Vera Gel, but Kris Lumagui made me buy this :) She shared this on her skincare routine and read a lot of positive comments. So, I give it a try.

Dress ideas for rainy days and Plus size dresses

Jun 9, 2017

Our closet change as the weather does, we usually set aside our clothes for another weather for the appropriate outfit. These past few days, it's been raining and all my clothes in the closet are still for summer. I just knew by now, as I'm browsing Fashionmia's website i eyed a lot of dresses for the rainy days, There are many of cute dresses i love to have.

Lovia Hair Colour Shampoo Review

May 18, 2017

Since my hair is growing, the roots are back in its original color which is black. But upon doing some window shopping, I spy this Hair Colour Shampoo.

Saladbox x Benefit

May 3, 2017

My last box from my 3months subscription is in collaboration with....... benefit! I've been wanted to have at least sampler version of any benefit products since I read a lot of good reviews about it. 

Zale Beauty Powder Review

Apr 23, 2017

A fine texture loose foundation powder, create to give a glow and natural fair looking skin with UV protection, Oil control, and Anti-Acne

San San WW Cream Review

Apr 15, 2017

A multi-benefit whitening and wrinkle control cream that even outs skin tone as it nourishes and protect skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals. It also provides a natural looking coverge suited to your skin tone, for a smooth and flawless looking finish.

Cheap Ball Dresses from Pickedlooks

Apr 13, 2017

PickedLooks is a most trusted dress store that designs ball dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses and evening dresses in New Zealand. We offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of beautiful dresses and fancy accessories. From sweet to sophisticated ball dresses, prom attire and evening wear, PickedLooks is the destination for the needs and whims of the fashion-conscious women. Putting an end to the dress code dilemmas, with our wide range of styles, you are sure to get an effortlessly stunning gown.

Saladbox x Mary Kay

Mar 15, 2017

Another box from Saladbox. Days after reviewing Saladbox Holiday 2016, I received this and im so excited about this brand because i read a lot of good review about Mary Kay.

FSJ Shoes

Mar 5, 2017

FSJ Shoes or Funny she jill(FSJ) is a shoe brand, synchronized with the international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. FSJ means extremely “Innovation“ or "Adventurous", which symbolizes the modern women's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality.They aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality.

Cosprays washable hairspray Review

My mom doesn't allow me to color my hair until i graduated college and its not allowed on my course to go blonde or light brown hair color (i did once and my professor asked me to recolor it black lol). So after graduating, i grabbed the opportunity to go on light brown color. And as of the moment, i wanted to have some highlight like green or red but mom doesn't agree again. I use this Cospray as a replacement on my dream color. 

Tosave Haul

Feb 26, 2017

It's been a long time since my last haul. I even can't remember the last time i go to the mall. Thank you technology, i can go shopping without going to the mall. I found Tosave, one of the convenient online shop. They have a lot of categories which you won't look for other online shops.

Affordable Online shops

Feb 22, 2017

Nowadays, you can shop almost most of your need online and deliver it to your doorsteps. Most of the online stores have different pricing but have the same quality. I personally search for different online shops and compared their pricing and quality but somehow, both have the same quality yet different price.

Saladbox Holiday 2016

Feb 12, 2017

My First Subscription box was from Saladbox. I purchased their promo last year (1000php for 3boxes) 

EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Feb 3, 2017

EB Advance released their new LTD Liquid lipsticks. I first saw the swatches on Instagram months before the release date. Here are my thoughts about these lipsticks.

San San Eyebrow Mascara Review

Jan 15, 2017

It's been awhile since my last review on makeup product. I have more products to review but so little time but i wanted to blog at least once a week and be active again. So for the first review this 2017, here's San San Eyebrow Mascara

Hello 2017

Jan 10, 2017

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