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Nowadays, you can shop almost most of your need online and deliver it to your doorsteps. Most of the online stores have different pricing but have the same quality. I personally search for different online shops and compared their pricing and quality but somehow, both have the same quality yet different price.

Ofcourse! I'll shop on the affordable online shops but when it comes on clothing i really preferred shopping online on limited pieces because i consider that only few people will have the same design. I always get ask where i got those clothes or sometimes things i get online. Some of the shop i would love to buy online is StyleWe which a clothing collection of independent designers and Just Fashion Now offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. 

below where my clothing choices:
Lately, i've been loving the weather here in the Philippines (sweater weather it is) and it is already winter on the other part of world, i'll share sweaters at low cost
  1. H-line Casual Long Sleeve a classic basic long sleeve. I love the color blocking, it feels relaxing at eyes.
  2. Casual Solid Knitted by just seeing the picture, you know that it will gives you warm.
  3. Burgundy Casual Cowl Neck Knitted this reminds me of red riding hood even it doesn't have a hood lol. 
  4. Knitted Bow Pockets Casual Plain girly sweater! And casual too which can wear when going on office or meeting on a cloudy day.
you could also check this hair bows tutorial to style your hair too.

If you wanted to show off some skin even its winter, you can buy JustFashionNow red crop top

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