6 Summer Top ideas + Korean skin care tips

Here comes the Summer heat. I love going to the beach and swim all day but i hate how hot summer could ever give. After loving the cold weather, wearing long sleeves and jackets. Hello to tank tops and fewer fabric tops. 

Off Shoulder Tops

  1. Tale To Tell Multicolor Floral-print ($22) floral print is the most trend every summer. Going to the beach with friends? This top is perfect for you but make sure to use sunblocks. It's summery design top. 
  2. Army Green Off Shoulder ($15) Polyester is my kind of fabric this summer, it is very comfortable to wear. This may look simple but it is simply elegant which you can even wear when shopping or attending any summer party.
  3. You Got It Blue Crochet-trimmed ($21) the kind of formal off shoulder to wear. Go to meetings or other formal matters, just wear a slacks and you ready to go.
Buy here more off shoulder tops you could wear.

Tank Tops

I will not go into details one by one on this tops but these were the most refreshing and comfortable tops to wear this summer, such as plain tunic topBow Me Away Silver ($22), Dark Blue Halter Chiffon ($10.50) and White Casual Chiffon. These were the summer ideas tops to wear to beat the heat on sunny days. 

You could also slay on beach party using this yellow jumpsuit ($156)

Also, learn the Korean beauty skincare tips this season to avoid skin breakouts and have a korean skin. 

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