Cosprays washable hairspray Review

My mom doesn't allow me to color my hair until i graduated college and its not allowed on my course to go blonde or light brown hair color (i did once and my professor asked me to recolor it black lol). So after graduating, i grabbed the opportunity to go on light brown color. And as of the moment, i wanted to have some highlight like green or red but mom doesn't agree again. I use this Cospray as a replacement on my dream color. 

Cospray washable hair spray is a temporary hair color for those who just wanted to try coloring and not yet decided what color to get. It is mostly used by a cosplayer. Just comb your hair and spray it on the area you wanted. If you have super black hair i'm not sure if it works by using one bottle..  The smell is children friendly, your kids can use it when they have activities on school. But on my observation, even you don't wash, the color will fade away when you comb your hair.

My hair is light brown/slightly blonde so it works very well. You can buy Cospray on watsons or Lazada. 

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  1. Wow just wow!!! Yes, as a college student I am not allowed to dye our hair!! But I really want to try some new color hehe!! This is so perfect!! 💯 and this is one of the prizes in your giveaway!! Yay 😊

    Ig giveaway bring me here
    Ig: @dmculayao


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