Saladbox x Mary Kay

Another box from Saladbox. Days after reviewing Saladbox Holiday 2016, I received this and im so excited about this brand because i read a lot of good review about Mary Kay.

I got the full size of Mary Kay Botanical effect cleansing Gel and moisturizer plus Mary Kay eyebrow pencil.

Botanical Effect Cleansing Gel - obviously, it is a facial wash. I always use facial wash at the end of the day to remove all the dirt i get. It's amazing how this cleansing gel also removes oil. Just dampen your face and hands, apply a small amount and spread it to your face while massaging it using a circular motion. 

Botanical Effect Moisturizing Gel - always moisturize your face! Never forget it plus sun block (that's what i always read on the beauty blogs/magazine). Be sure to get a small amount, in my experience, two drops of it can spread all over my face including neck! It feels sticky at first but when it dries, it feels very smooth. 

Brow definer Pencil - received the color brunette. It is sooooo pigmented! And it is really a definer pencil! Love using this lately. 

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